Entry #1

In Plain View released

2017-01-16 15:22:46 by AliceMako

Second Album is out, go check it out here : https://alicemako.bandcamp.com/album/in-plain-view

Edit : and here it is on youtube in age d, in case that helps. Why oh why it never defaults to that i'll probably never know.


I would like to express my gratitude to @torithefox for lending her stupendous craft to make this look kick ass and @NekoMika for her invaluable feedback.

Additional shout out to @Lich for posting about the cakewalk levelling compressor give away, it has proven to be an invaluable asset in making my life easier.

Lastly, my love and appreciation for all the good people of the newgrounds chat, you know who you are and i thank you for bearing with me.



Cya around off-worlder...


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2017-01-16 15:26:31

Thanks for the shoutout, cheers and ask for help and feedback anytime~ <3

AliceMako responds:

You know i will <3


2017-01-16 15:38:28

SUCCESS. Kick ass success.

AliceMako responds:

As near as can be, yeah.


2017-01-16 16:39:26

That artwork though...
Oh yeah nice music too...

AliceMako responds:

I know right, had to keep standards high.


2017-01-17 00:15:58

This artwork is fantastic :o I liked a lot ''Not your average gremlins'', this is an amazing track.

AliceMako responds:

Glad you like and thanks for listening.


2017-01-18 22:41:55

I'mma buy it!

AliceMako responds:

If you do, make sure to grab the wavs if you have space for them cus they're the highest quality for the money and bandcamp's default is to offer mp3.