Entry #1

Sunset Rider released!

2017-04-12 00:05:02 by AliceMako

Third album is out, you can check it out here pending further uploads elsewhere :

Sunset Rider by Alice Mako


I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the inimitable @JayBezzy for lending his craft to make this look glorious,

@NekoMika @Mich @Rennh @SukiWukiDookie @BrentHeman in particular and the various chat denizens in general for their encouragement and feedback.



Cya around off worlder...


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2017-04-12 00:18:31

Awesome - can't wait to hear it!

AliceMako responds:

Hope you enjoy.


2017-04-12 00:24:25

I'm hyped!

AliceMako responds:

Me too if that makes any sense.


2017-04-12 02:46:42

Listened to it this evening and really enjoyed it. There's this base line throughout that I felt brought the whole album together and everything has a 1989 'feel'

Great job!

(Updated ) AliceMako responds:

Thanks for listening and i'm glad you enjoyed it, keeping these coherent while not sounding too samey is a big part of the challenge.


2017-04-12 11:14:33

Very cool art! Giving a listen!

(Updated ) AliceMako responds:

Right? Lucky he opened up shop when he did, gave him your sketch as a reference image though cus it's still part of what got the ball rolling.


2017-04-13 12:14:19

I'm gonna give it a listen now... Should have been sooner but shit happens...

AliceMako responds:

No worries, hope you and yours are ok.


2017-04-13 12:22:29

I keep missing you in the chat pop in and say hi...
I'm not around as much as I'd like to be...

AliceMako responds:

I'm there now, i only just came on.


2017-04-13 14:18:22

Do you think a bacon flavoured biscuit would taste nice?

AliceMako responds:

I don't know but it sounds like it could work?


2017-04-18 04:22:53

this is dope...reminds me of Tycho and Com Truise

AliceMako responds:

Com truise makes cool shit, thanks for listening.