Entry #1

Council of the Immortals released!

2017-07-20 00:22:12 by AliceMako

With a week's delay in announcing, my fourth album is out, you can check it out here :


Council of the Immortals by Alice Mako


I'd like to thank the talented @Template88 for arranging newgrounds' very own @Lintire to

lend their stellar craft in making this project look majestic.


I'd also like to thank @NekoMika @Mich @Knights @BrenTheMan @Rennh @Little-Kinky @SukiWukiDookie in particular and the chat regulars in general for their feedback and encouragement.




Cya around offworlder...



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2017-07-20 00:40:44

Wow that's some embed you got there, congrats, you made it to the 4th finish line! Kinda sorry I haven't been into Chat much since it got resurrected, but glad the company's still good. Yea the cover art's a real charmer, nice and warm, glad to see that again too.

AliceMako responds:

It's all good, happy you're around again and yeah i get spoiled rotten with better covers then the stuff i grew up with. There's no overstating the talent and skill we got going around here.


2017-08-30 18:44:14

Cool album, and love the cover art!

AliceMako responds:

Thanks for listening.


2017-09-12 23:44:24

this is so dang good dude I really love this

AliceMako responds:

Glad you do, was a lot of work as usual :3