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This totally needs to happen though, pretty much self evident.

Just look at that poor man, so confused for all these years now and it's clearly just not getting any better then this :D

Top shelf quality content right here.

Yomuchan responds:

Thank you! I'll keep improving.

Way cool :D


Reminds me of dragon's fury on the megadrive, very well done.

I'm not too worried about the visual effects blocking the ball like most are mentioning but it would be nice if the flippers could be mapped to any key.

(i.e left ctrl and enter on the numeric keypad.)

It's more of a comment then criticism though as this is the finest flash pinball i've seen to date.

box10 responds:

Glad you enjoyed the game! You can actually change the key mapping before you start the game. Perhaps we should have added it to pause screen too.

Psygnosis' Walker

About time somebody did a remake, good job :3

Plays silky smooth, nice intro tune too, good job on presentation.

However i can't seem to beat the first level without running out of energy, a mechanic that was allso present in the original in the form of guns overheating that players had to remedy by not firing and waiting for them to cool down yet it did not punish you with a game over like your version does.

So yeah, no doubt you worked your ass off on this and for that you do deserve recognition but overall it's just going to need even more work to make it play as perfect as it sounds and looks.

Oh wow

I would kill, steal, maim and mutilate for that instrumental version of the ghostbusters theme >:3

Did you dig it up somewhere obscure or engineer it yourself? :3

JoSilver responds:

Sadly there was never an official release. This show had an excellent soundtrack so it's really a shame.

However I did find this. It's from the menu of the Ghostbusters DVD.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1WzTG 06Cbs


Finally the tables are turned, and it only took over 30 years for somebody to get the luminous idea.

They should build you a palace and a collosal bronze statue in your likeness.


really neat, i wish i could make something like this.the one for violence is, ummmm, cus it's kinda hard to snap out of it.your intro. :) any other kind of theme songs you could use this kind of interface for?

James-Leeper responds:

thanks mate im glad u enjoyed it, i will try improve the buttons as well for ya


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