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Oh wow, you've got a Granny Gross too, i really need to raid my mom's attic one of these days but i digress.

Who cares how many you make, the real issue is why are you not on tv yet? The world is failing you.

Well he did progressively style himself an enlightened tyrant as he aged, which going by the oldest interviews and according to the http://www.bgf.nu/greenbook.pdf he wrote he aspired to ever since he rose to power, but you don't put yourself in front of the murkan fist if you plan to die peacefully in your sleep. Or keep your country from becoming another permanently exploited hellhole which i guess is all hindsight now.

Anyhoo, nice rack lady.

emily-youcis responds:

Thanks for the pdf : }

Aren't these just the darndest interesting times we live in.

Still, i can't help but feel the same audience that is outraged by this attempt of theirs to further their potential income ( which is their sole motivation ) also gave them a free pass wholesale all the while they were shutting down the very videos they ripped off/copied/paid homage to in order to establish this format that brought them their success.

You know, arbitrary double standards while things are blatant to begin with but somehow draw the line at x because whatever x is somehow crosses said line even if the road leading up to that point was already built on breaking other people's backs and stepping on them to get there.

If anything needs to be shamed it's people's overly willing short sightedness when it comes to the things that amuse them as this is what creates the incentive for unscrupulous content creators that already feel or realise they are getting away with bloody murder in broad daylight to aim for even more then they deserve.

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This totally needs to happen though, pretty much self evident.

Just look at that poor man, so confused for all these years now and it's clearly just not getting any better then this :D

Top shelf quality content right here.

Yomuchan responds:

Thank you! I'll keep improving.

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Sure sounds like a flavor of corporate to me, did you try submitting to a different library yet?

Mind you they all got their house styles for genre xyz you end up having to pander to so whatever you do don't take rejections personally, just keep at it.

GhostLawyer responds:

Before making this I was given a folder of reference tracks for "rock" that was so varied it seemed like anything guitar-based was fair game. I found out afterwards they license predominantly to reality TV shows and that's a particularly kitschy style I failed to capture. Made a lot of sense when I listened to the tracks actually in their library!

The main issue with this mix is indeed your bass, or rather your sub bass, at the 20hz mark it is peaking close to 12db which is entirely too loud and thus drowns your other instruments out even though perhaps with your current you are unable to hear this yourself.

From the looks of it you've applied a low pass filter to your high end frequencies at the 15hz mark, i suggest you try the same with a high pass filter to clear your unwanted excess of sub bass let's say a cut up to 30hz or thereabouts, you should find your mix will breathe a bit easier.

This is decent track and with a little tweak you can make it a great sounding one.

JY2000 responds:

I'll try that out, thanks for the suggestion.

Very nice, you should do spooky more often.

Seth responds:

Thank you, but horror music s a challenge for me.

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Looks fantastic, fimo, sculpty or what?

If somebody had presented this to me as being from some peak 90s game i missed out on at the time i'd have no reason not to believe it, just like with your knight piece this is very authentic looking.

Beware, i live! I Hunger, coward! Run, Run, Run! etc

Hard to believe that thing is as old as i am, you'd probably be perfect for a remake :3

ScepterDPinoy responds:

As a designer it is my duty to remake the good old days in 2D mockup. :) I'll probably do Space Invaders next.

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