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Oh wow, you've got a Granny Gross too, i really need to raid my mom's attic one of these days but i digress.

Who cares how many you make, the real issue is why are you not on tv yet? The world is failing you.

Well he did progressively style himself an enlightened tyrant as he aged, which going by the oldest interviews and according to the http://www.bgf.nu/greenbook.pdf he wrote he aspired to ever since he rose to power, but you don't put yourself in front of the murkan fist if you plan to die peacefully in your sleep. Or keep your country from becoming another permanently exploited hellhole which i guess is all hindsight now.

Anyhoo, nice rack lady.

emily-youcis responds:

Thanks for the pdf : }

Aren't these just the darndest interesting times we live in.

Still, i can't help but feel the same audience that is outraged by this attempt of theirs to further their potential income ( which is their sole motivation ) also gave them a free pass wholesale all the while they were shutting down the very videos they ripped off/copied/paid homage to in order to establish this format that brought them their success.

You know, arbitrary double standards while things are blatant to begin with but somehow draw the line at x because whatever x is somehow crosses said line even if the road leading up to that point was already built on breaking other people's backs and stepping on them to get there.

If anything needs to be shamed it's people's overly willing short sightedness when it comes to the things that amuse them as this is what creates the incentive for unscrupulous content creators that already feel or realise they are getting away with bloody murder in broad daylight to aim for even more then they deserve.

And here i was, completely resigned to never seeing any more of this when you said you wouldn't.

Thanks for the laughs :D

It's perfectly fine, only thing missing is music, feel free to use any of mine.

Also bear in mind there's more then a bit of a double standard going here with these when it comes to pinups vs just art, please don't be too discouraged.

JackDCurleo responds:

Thanks! very much appreciate it, I'll definitely look into your music for future videos. And I am very aware of all the double standards here, haha.

My aren't we tastefull, understated and classy today.

Pressure from the punters? :D

Based on a true story.

This pressing replay isn't cutting it, please add a button to keep on replay.

You know you made it for it.


Like this one even better then your last, it's got an easier flow to it.

For all the kids screaming scientology, the perspective discussed here actually deals with theosophy, both classic and some more modern notions.

I understand this will be hard to verify since the literature describing it is pretty taxing for todays crowd but hey, it's presented very easy to digest here so :3

Keep it up


I've just gotta praise you for coming out with this kind of material, i wish more people would voice their opinion on matters of origen that neither science nor philosophy has adequately answered.

I'm not going to get into any debate as such though, cus frankly i don't agree with your reality tunnel and, well, given that you're discussing prehistory and remote antiquity that's besides the point, it's all up for grabs really so any version is worthwhile including yours.

Overall it's a very refreshing break from the older generation of consciousness awareness raisers' persistent themes of oppression and alien invasion that are all but the golden standard of this genre on the web today. (david icke anyone?)

I sincerely hope and can only imagine that this achieves what i am taking the liberty of assuming you had in mind, get (some) people to think and follow up the reading you suggested, maybe follow a trail or two that their own intuition hints them at and reach who knows what conclusions they'd otherwise never have come up with.

Keep it up :3 (And read some alice bailey, you'll love her)

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