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Sure sounds like a flavor of corporate to me, did you try submitting to a different library yet?

Mind you they all got their house styles for genre xyz you end up having to pander to so whatever you do don't take rejections personally, just keep at it.

GhostLawyer responds:

Before making this I was given a folder of reference tracks for "rock" that was so varied it seemed like anything guitar-based was fair game. I found out afterwards they license predominantly to reality TV shows and that's a particularly kitschy style I failed to capture. Made a lot of sense when I listened to the tracks actually in their library!

The main issue with this mix is indeed your bass, or rather your sub bass, at the 20hz mark it is peaking close to 12db which is entirely too loud and thus drowns your other instruments out even though perhaps with your current you are unable to hear this yourself.

From the looks of it you've applied a low pass filter to your high end frequencies at the 15hz mark, i suggest you try the same with a high pass filter to clear your unwanted excess of sub bass let's say a cut up to 30hz or thereabouts, you should find your mix will breathe a bit easier.

This is decent track and with a little tweak you can make it a great sounding one.

JY2000 responds:

I'll try that out, thanks for the suggestion.

Very nice, you should do spooky more often.

Seth responds:

Thank you, but horror music s a challenge for me.

Terrific night drive.

Loving the outrun vibe in this one, terrific builds ups keeping it dark and warm.

Turned out pretty great, really dig the fried sound of that bass :3

JDawg00100 responds:

Thanks! :D

Beautiful piece, corbyn sample is very appropriate.

Make more :3

zanaelf responds:

Thank you ^_^

Laid back, utterly cool and timeless.

You nailed it :D

SlaughterClub responds:

thanks a lot m8
real glad you liked it
i enjoy traveling through the universe ;-0

Very impressive piece indeed, don't forget to advertise in your blog as it this certainly deserves attention.

Outstanding work.

ForgottenDawn responds:

Thanks for your kind words :)
Well, I did during the time I released the soundtrack, that is... two years ago, wow. I had less followers back then, hehe. I do release updates from time to time, however :)

Nice work, kind of videogame soudtrack meets clubby ebm.

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